From the recording Circling the Square


I ain’t mad when you roll your eyes just keeping me on my toes
So quick to criticize, that’s why I need you the most
Go back go back, back to the very start
Go back go back to where we both belong
I can feel it, stirring up my soul
I can feel it, gotta let it go
I can feel it, stirring in my soul
I can feel it

I don’t know what you’re getting at? Why you need to see my phone?
So, Go ahead, its yours. I hope you find what you’re looking for….oh-oh
To all the fears, illusions projections
No won’t let it get in my way
I’m standing firm within my intention
Nothing can come pull me away
Let it go, let it pass by, let it move on
Stay focused gping in my day
I’m living in a higher vibration, nothing can come pull me away
Don’t get me wrong, I ain’t fakin it
I’m movin on
I’m shakin it
Feels like I’ve been through this before, don’t start this again
There’s no one keeping score, no need to pretend
That I ain’t mad,I ain’t mad at the way that you talk to me cause I know, I Know
And you’re so bad, you’re so bad but you’re good for me I know, I know